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(06-16-2014) CTSI librarian Alisa Surkis reports on the development of profiles software to serve as the new "Find a Researcher/Collaborator" tool that connects NYU researchers with academic institutions across the country.

(06-10-2014) FC conducted a panel discussion with Deans Abramson, Cangiarella, and Dr. Lehmann entitled "The Future of Academic Department and of Tenure within it". Find the meeting minutes here.

(06-10-2014) A summary of Employee Health Management Program was presented by Vice Dean Nancy Sanchez to FC Benefits & Tenure Committee.

(04-21-2014) Minutes of the FC Benefits & Tenure Committee meeting with Senior Vice President & Vice Dean Nancy Sanchez on the proposed paid time off policy for faculty.

(04-07-2014) FC unaimously approves amended Bylaws presented by the Bylaws Committee chair Dan Makarov.

(02-28-2014) Update to the Tenure/Tenure-Track Faculty Data Report has been posted.

(01-27-2014) Office of Mentoring and Faculty Development, and CTSI give presentations on faculty mentoring.

(01-08-2014) FC Benefits & Tenure Committee meets with Associate Dean Joan Cangiarella to discuss new data concerning tenure process. See the report here.

(01-08-2014) FC Communications Committee meets with MCIT to discuss IT-related issues raised by FC members. Read the meeting minutes here.

(10-28-2013) FC elects 7 representatives to the joint committee of NYU Stakeholders.

(10-21-2013) NYU Senate Executive Committee proposes to form a Planning Committee on Contract (non-tenutre track) Faculty Representation in the Senate. The School of Medicine will be represented by seven faculty listed here.

(10-07-2013) Dr. Marc Triola introduces the newly created Institute for Innovations in Medical Education.

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The Faculty Council serves a vital role as the voice of the faculty in the governance of the Medical Center and School of Medicine. The Council is composed of faculty members who are elected by their departments and faculty senators who are elected from the entire faculty. The Council is subdivided into committees, each of which interacts with administration representatives to address different areas of interest. The Council considers all matters that impact faculty, including, tenure, promotion, benefits, infrastructure, medical student education, faculty teaching, consulting, research conduct and core services.

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